Sunday Schedule
  9:15 am  | Rite I Holy Eucharist With Music & Hymns
10:30 am  | Refreshments & Fellowship in the Parish Hall
11:00 am  | Christian Catechism in the Parish Hall
Daily Office
Monday - Friday
  8:00 am   | Morning Prayer in the Chapel 

  8:00 am   | Morning Prayer in the Chapel
Daily Mass & Other Offerings
10:00 am   | Holy Eucharist in the Chapel           
11:00 am   | Bible Study in the Parish Hall
  6:30 pm   | Holy Eucharist in the Chapel                                                                     Followed by dinner on-the-town                         

Brotherhood of St. Andrew (BOSA) Meeting after 8:00 am Saturday Morning Prayer
Confessions as announced or by appointment

If you have any questions, please call us 817-326-2035


June 4th         9:15
LEM:                Vince Osborne           
Lector:            Sara Smith
Crucifer:         Melissa Monson
Ushers:           Jim/Kathy Hanlon                  
Greeters:        David/Judy Hankins
VPOW:            Cora Werley                                        

June 11th       9:15
LEM:                Melissa Monson
Lector:            Gala Harvey
Crucifer:         Donna Sweatt            
Ushers:           Ray/Marti Barber                   
Greeters:        RF/Pat Brown
VPOW:             Yvonne Finley

June 18th      9:15
LEM:                John Sweatt
Lector:            Susan Steele
Crucifer:         Donna Sweatt          
Ushers:           Lanny/Jean McElroy              
Greeters:        Pat/Dee Neeley
VPOW:             Marti Barber                                              

June 25th       9:15
LEM:                Gary Werley
Lector:             Cora Werley
Crucifer:          Melissa Monson
Ushers:            Vince Osborne/Lola Neilson  
Greeters:         Don/Wilma McComas
VPOW:             Vince Osborne