Father Bloodgood was ordained to the deaconate in October of 1997, and ordained to the priesthood on December 21, 2001.

He has served as a priest in the Missionary Diocese of All Saints, and served as deacon and curate at the Church of the Intercessor in Granbury, Texas. He has also worked as a chaplain of Her Majesty’s Own Highlanders, as well as Priest of the Church at Scarborough Renaissance Festival. 
Fr. Bloodgood has additionally trained in healing ministry under Francis McNutt Healing Ministries.

Father David Walton Cardona was ordained to the Diaconate on The Feast of the Holy Innocents, December 28th, 1988, and  to the Priesthood on The Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, December 21, 1989.

He served as a priest in The Episcopal Church. He served as a Curate at St. Vincent's Pro-Cathedral. He was the Vicar of St. Mary's Hillsboro and St. Alban's Hubbard. He was the Rector of The Church of the Holy Innocents in Corte Madera, CA. Upon his return to Texas, he served as an assistant at Good Shepherd, Acton until January of 1999 when he resigned from The Episcopal Church. He then became a lay member of the Antiochian Orthodox Church. In 2003 he was accepted as a Priest in the Anglican Province of Christ the King, The Diocese of the Southwestern States. He was the assistant and then the Rector of St. Mary's APCK parish in Plano from 2005 through 2008.  He has served as a member of the Standing Committee and the Board of Directors of the APCK Diocese of the Southwestern States. He has been a Chaplain and Social Worker for Walls Universal HomeHealth and Hospice since June of 2001. He has worked for New Leaf Counseling Services since 2013 as a Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern. In 2012 he was licensed by Bishop Iker to serve as a Priest at Good Shepherd. He is also the Supply Priest for St. Mary's Anglican Church in Hamiliton.

Fr. Cardona earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Tarleton State University, a Master of Divinity Degree from Nashotah House Theological Seminary, a Master of Science in Health Science from George Washington University, and a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Tarleton State University.

Fr. Cardona is married to Paula Ann Cardona. His children are Ted Freeman, Sarah E. Randle, and Philip J. M. Cardona. He has six grandsons.


In 1990 I married my second husband, Mark who was a cradle Episcopalian from Wichita, Kansas. I became confirmed at St. John’s that same year, and we made that our church home. Shortly after joining the Episcopal Church I became a volunteer in the office and learned most aspects of being a Church Office Administrator from a wonderful mentor and friend. Judy Nelson, taught me how to be involved in the office while at the same time be an active member of the church membership. After my training I was invited to become Church Office Administrator for the Church of the Brethren, while still volunteering at St. John’s. A few years later, I had the opportunity to be the volunteer coordinator for the United Methodist Urban Ministry, the local food bank of Wichita. During all of this, I felt the call to become a missionary, and through the National Church, Mark and I, along with our youngest son, Travis moved to Uganda, East Africa from 1998-2001 where I became the international communications director for the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Anglican. While in Uganda, we experienced the division of the Episcopal Church from afar. As the international communications director, I had first hand experience of what that division entailed throughout the Anglican Communion, especially in Africa. When we returned to the United States our family floated around the Christian Community because the church we had left, left us. So, when we found Good Shepherd Anglican Church here in Granbury, it was a sign from God, that we had found our new home. We actually found our home church, before we found our residence and feel blessed each and every day that we are here. It is my prayer, that with God’s guidance my experience will be an asset to Good Shepherd, and each and every one of you, its members.  

Good Shepherd was established as a Mission in October 1972. The first official Mission building was the Chapel across the street, formerly a Masonic Lodge. In September 1981, Good Shepherd became a Parish.

In 1982, the Parish Hall was built and in September, 1988, a new sanctuary was dedicated. We welcomed our our current Rector, Fr. Stuart Smith, in July 2006.


Marti Barber


                                   VPOW Duties





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  • Jim Randle

Stewardship Team

  • Bing Goodale, Ron Drake
  • Yvonne Finley, John Sweatt
  • Fr. Smith
Father Smith began his ordained priestly ministry in 1992 serving Trinity Church in Henrietta, Texas, and St. Patrick’s in Bowie, Texas. After two years at these missions, Fr. Smith received a call to serve as the assistant to Fr. Andrew L. Sloane at Grace Church in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It was from that parish that Fr. Smith was called to his first rector (“senior pastor”) position at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Memphis, Tennessee. In July of 2006, Fr. Smith came to Good Shepherd, called to be the sixth rector of the parish.

In his vision for the parish family community at Good Shepherd, Fr. Smith encourages each area of the Christian community life as outlined in the New Testament church of Acts 2:
1.  Worship and formation in the biblical, creedal faith.

2.  The Koinoia: the fellowship of members of the body through a shared life of faith (especially in small group                   ministries).

3.  Evangelization: bearing witness and sharing the life in Christ with those who may not yet know the Lord Jesus.

4.  Compassionate outreach, with the Church seeking to reach out with the love of Christ to the poor, the hurting,            and the lonely.


  • Bing Goodale, Senior Warden

  • John Sweatt, Junior Warden

  • Bob Monson, Clerk

  • Kathy Green

  • Susan Steele

  • Vince Osborne

  • Mark Bowman

Diocesan Qualifications to Serve on the Vestry 

 1.  Does the nominee meet the canonical requirements of Communicant status in this Church?
 2.  Is the nominee a concerned steward?
 3.  Does he or she make a pledge each year and pay that pledge?
 4.  Does the basic lifestyle of the nominee conform to Christian expectations?
 5.  Is it consistent with his or her evaluation by the community and parish?
 6.  What lay ministry has he or she performed?
 7.  Is the nominee hopeful about the life of the parish, the Christian faith, and life in general?
 8.  Can the rector work with the nominee?                         

The vestry is the elected legal representation of the parish members who oversee the church and its operations
  • Vestries consist of not less than 6 nor more than 15 members who shall be Confirmed Communicants in Good Standing of at least 18 years of age, canonically resident in the Parish who were financial contriburors to the Parish in the preceding year as shown on the records of the Treasurer. The treasurer is Jim Randle and is not a member of the vestry.