Friday, September 15, 2017

Dear Good Shepherd Parish Family,


As two huge hurricanes (Harvey in Houston; Irma in Florida) have visited death and destruction, we are reminded of how precarious life can be...despite the apparent sheltered and peaceable life of Granbury/Acton!  If we seem sometimes to be sleep-walking through life, we are recalled by these disasters to be ready and able to make an account of our life before the Lord of all creation. 


Let's look a bit at accountability and mission for our lives, shall we?






The Fall of the year brings the mind toward 'harvest':  the harvest of nature; the harvest of the work of our hands; the facing of how to make an offering of our lives to the Lord.


"Responding to Christ's Call to Mission", is our Stewardship Theme for the 2018 Campaign.  This Sunday, envelopes with the family names of all of our GSAC family will hold the following:  My own pastoral letter on stewardship/the Sr. Warden's letter;  a "narrative budget" presentation of GSAC's income/expenditures for 2017 & projected budget for 2018; a "Commitment" (or "Giving") Card (with two sides for financial & time/talent commitments); a self-addressed stamped return envelope.  If you are coming to Church this Sunday (which I trust you ARE!), please pick up your envelope and check/sign off on the Name List next to the letters.  On Tuesday of next week we will put into the US Mail all those letters not picked up on Sunday.


Just one more word about this campaign:  self-giving.  Self-giving (or 'sacrifice', if you will) is everything we do after we say "Jesus is Lord of my life".  It is our acts of worship.  It's our gifts of money from our salary/savings/portfolios/pensions.  And, it is our everyday acts of Love for Christ's sake that we practice between Sundays.  Biblically and traditionally, the 10% tithe is a normative way to begin our self-giving.  Many of us do far less than 10%...probably closer to 1 or 2%.  And, that is the measure of our self-giving to Jesus Christ.  If we are serious about being His followers...His disciples...we will search our hearts and our checkbooks and begin to change our ways.  I hope and pray that you will ask the Lord what He wants of you in your response to our stewardship campaign for the next year.





For the 4th or 5th year in a row, GSAC will participate in the pro-life prayer vigil known as "40 Days for Life".  Deacon Gail Kleinschmidt is our diocesan champion for this crucial witness against abortion, and for LIFE.  In the parish hall, we have information about the 40 days, and a sign up sheet for you to commit yourself to the 40 days.  By spending an hour each week silently praying on the sidewalks outside Planned Parenthood, your prayers will be part of a nationwide movement to help women with distressed pregnancies make the decision to keep...not kill...the unborn children in their wombs.  If you have an questions, you may call Jean McElroy (GSAC's coordinator) or me at the office.  Pray, brothers and sisters:  pray for LIFE.


(C) "TELET" COMING on October 7th!


Fr. Scott Wilson, the retired former rector of All Saints', Weatherford, has created a wonderful tool for developing lay evangelization.  Called "TELET", this day of instruction and practical application, can equip us to winsomely share our Faith in Jesus Christ in our everyday relationships and contacts.  Saturday morning and afternoon of Oct. 7th, Fr.Wilson will be here with us at GSAC to conduct "TELET".  Utilizing our new "Smart TV", short presentations, and roll-playing and other interactive techniques, you will be surprised at how fast the time flies by, and how much confidence and inspiration you will receive.  So:  please stay tuned.  There will be more on TELET in the weeks to come.




Here's a list of what's coming to the biggest-hearted little parish in town:


MARK YOUR CALENDARS:                            

9/17  14th  Sunday after Trinity: MASS AT 9:15;  Refreshment;  CF Class

9/17  VESTRY MEETING… Noon in the parish hall

9/18-9/22  MORNING PRAYER in the Chapel; 8 a.m.

9/18  SANDWICH MINISTRY: Each Monday, 5 p.m. in the Parish Hall

9/19  TUESDAY MORNING MASS & Bible Study; 10 a.m. in Chapel; 11 a.m. in parish hall

9/19  PRAYER SHAWL MEETING; 10 a.m. in the parish hall

9/20  WEDNESDAY MASS 6:30 P.M. in the chapel, followed by “dinner on the town”

9/23  BOSA MEETING:  MP at 8 a.m., breakfast meeting following.

9/24 ACW MEETING: Workday for Harvest Moon from 12pm-2pm

9/27  “40 DAYS FOR LIFE”, Pro-Life Prayer Vigil begins

10/07  “TELET” (lay evangelization training) in parish hall  (details to come!)

10/12  PRE-CONVENTION DEANERY:  Southern Deanery meets at GSAC 7pm

10/14 “1st SATURDAY”  MEETING:  (rescheduled) 10:30 in Main Church

11/03-11/04  DIOCESAN CONVENTION @ St. Vincent’s & Hurst Convention Center


12/09  “ST. NICHOLAS’ WORKSHOP”, led by GSAC’s BOSA.


12/24 ADVENT IV:  in our historic chapel!

12/24-25  CHRISTMAS EVE & CHRISTMAS DAY in our main church.




May God bless us, every one of us, as we seek to give ourselves away for the sake of His Son, Jesus, our Lord.



Fr. Smith


PS:  if you are wondering how to help with Hurricane Harvey recovery, please check out our web page, which has specific recommendations.  That's,  

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