Friday Fanfare

Dear Good Shepherd Anglican Church Family,


Our first frost has fallen (or is that "arisen"?), and the North-Texas "mini-season" of Autumn is flourishing!  Enjoy it while it lasts.  And, of course, remember:  Next Thursday the high temp could be 25 or 85...or anything in between!






Speaking of "next Thursday":  that would be the secular holiday of "Thanksgiving".  Begun in 1621 by the Pilgrims as a Day of gratitude for the kind assistance of the American Indians in planting crops more successfully, the celebration of a regular national holiday began over 150 years later, with President George Washington calling for a day of remembrance of God's mercy shown to the fledgling United States of America.  Largely forgotten after Pres. Thomas Jefferson discontinued an annual day of Thanks,  the holiday was re-instituted when Pres. Abraham Lincoln called for the 4th week  in November to include a Day of gratitude for God's signal favor shown to the Union Army in its twin victories at Vicksburg, MS, and Gettysburg, PA.   From that year (1863) until the middle of the 20th century, the Nation celebrated an annual "Thanksgiving Day".  Then:  Pres. Roosevelt ("FDR") moved the holiday back to the 3rd Thursday in November, where it still rests !


We are celebrating this gratitude in several weeks over the next week.  A 'three-fold' celebration, actually:


1st:  Sunday is always a Day of Eucharist:  Great Thanksgiving!  One important part of our worship is to recall that the "Mass" is an offering of Thanksgiving for the Death & Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, shown forth in the Bread and Wine...the Body and Blood.

Additionally:  the Community Thanksgiving Service - an ecumenical gathering of Christians throughout Granbury, will take place Sunday evening at Acton Baptist Church, beginning at 6 pm.  This prayer service (which does not include communion) will last about an hour.  Brother Glenn (former ABC pastor) will give the main Sermon.  I will be tasked with offering the "Call to Worship" at the beginning of the hour.  I hope many of you will consider attending our neighbor's church on Sunday evening.


2nd:  Wednesday, November 21st:  GSAC offers its weekly 6:30 Mass.  This coming Wednesday, we will use the biblical lessons and Collect appointed for "Thanksgiving Day".  Our Thanksgiving Mass WILL include Holy Communion, as we lift up the "cup of salvation, and call upon the Name of the Lord" together.  Since it is the night before the Thanksgiving Holiday, we will NOT go out on the town for dinner as we would normally do.  


3rd (and sweetest of all):  Our GSAC Thanksgiving Feast happens on Thursday, November 22nd at 1pm in the Parish Hall.  As you may recall from last year, the Church will provide the Main Course of Turkey & Ham.  Some 40 of us have already indicated our intention to be there for this feast.  Those who can bring a side dish, salad, bread, dessert, etc., are encouraged to do so (and to post what you are bringing to the large sign up sheets on the easel board in the parish hall.  Last year's was a truly delightful Feast of food and fellowship.  Our gratitude flows throughout.  We are grateful for God's many blessings.  We have gratitude for one another in the Body of Christ.  We treasure the good food and conversation.  It's simply a small taste of Heaven itself.

So:  please "come to the banquet".  If you have not yet signed up, do so Sunday morning.  Even if you find out Thursday morning that you're available to come...come anyway!





11/18                SUNDAY MASS: 9:15 a.m.

                           Fellowship and Refreshments:

                           11:10 a.m. Christian Formation Hour “Conforming our Lives to Christ!”

             6 pm:  Community ecumenical Thanksgiving Service @ Acton Baptist Church.

11/18                 STEWARDSHIP CAMPAIGN ENDS: “The Blessing of the Commitment Cards”

11/19-11/23     MORNING PRAYER in the Chapel - 8:00 a.m.

11/19                CHURCH OFFICE CLOSE TODAY       

11/19                SANDWICH MINISTRY:  MONDAYS AT 4:30 p.m.  in the Parish Hall

11/20                TUESDAY MORNING Mass in Main Church: 10 a.m. - Bible Study: 11 a.m. in the Parish Hall

11/20                PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY:  10:00 a.m. – in the Parish Hall

11/21                WEDNESDAY MASS:  The “Great Thanksgiving”:  Holy Eucharist at 6:30 pm. (No "dinner on the town" this time)


11/22                PARISH THANKSGIVING DAY FEAST:  1 p.m. - Feast in the Parish Hall

(bring your holiday specials!)

11/23                WOMANS’ BIBLE STUDY- 10:00 a.m. in the Parish Hall.        

11/23                GRANBURY “Night of Lights Parade- The Christmas Story”:  6:30p.m.

                          We have a float, so consider how you can participate and help decorate!



11/24                BOSA’s weekly Meeting:  8 a.m. - Morning Prayer/Chapel; breakfast, meeting following


 Upcoming Special Dates!


12/01                ADVENT EVE PARTY at the Bowman’s – Everyone is Invited!

6307 Blackfoot Trail, DeCordova Bend 6:30 p.m.

            RSVP by Nov. 25th


12/02                A D V E N T   B E G I N S    3 p.m. –

Special Pipe Organ Concert by Mr. Isaac Foreman!


12/08                ST. NICHOLAS WORKSHOP:  10 a.m. - 1 p.m. in the Parish Hall –

                          B.O.S.A. Community Outreach


12/14                SECOND FRIDAY Fasting & Prayer for the Election of Bishop

                          (see “Good Shepherd News” for more details)


12/15                ADVENT QUIET DAY:  8 a.m. - noon, in the Main Church



12/23                 ADVENT IV SUNDAY: “Greening the Church”, after Christian Formation, 11:45’ish  



12/24-12/25      CHRISTMAS EVE MASSES (5 PM & 10:30 “Midnight” Mass) 9 a.m. Low Mass on 12/25


12/30                PARISH CHRISTMAS SEASON CELEBRATiON after Mass in the Parish Hall!


Sara and I offer our great thanks for the honor and pleasure of serving you at Good Shepherd.  Our gratitude grows with each yearly turning of the holy-days.  God bless the

parish family of GSAC.  We love you, and appreciate you so!!

Fr. Stuart Smith