Friday Fanfare

Dear Good Shepherd Parish Family,


It's that Time again!


The Day has come!


What "Time"? ; what "Day"? , you might ask.


Time to Listen in Prayer:


The Day of the Holy Spirit's Descent !



We Anglicans are forever invoking the Blessed Holy Spirit: 


 "Cleanse the Thoughts of our Hearts by the inspiration of Thy Holy Spirit"; 


 "_(N)___, you are Sealed by the Holy Spirit, and marked as Christ's own forever..."; 


  "...of thy almighty goodness, vouchsafe to bless and sanctify with thy Word and Holy Spirit, these thy gifts and creatures of bread and wine;" 


 "the Blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost (Spirit), be amongst you and remain with you always." 


 "I absolve you from all your sins:  the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."


These Prayer book references from  the Eucharist, Holy Baptism, Closing Blessing, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation ("Confession") indicate that we believe the Holy Spirit to be central to every Sacramental action of the Church.  Without overstating it- in fact- we could extend our claim this way:  The Holy Spirit of God is ceaselessly seeking to bring God's Kingdom everywhere...within and outside the Church!


So:  When do we simply wait upon and welcome the Person of the Holy Spirit in our midst?  Do we believe God the Holy Spirit has a Word and a Work to do amongst us in May of 2018?


Let's fully answer my questions by the items that follow.  Ready?  Here we go....






Tomorrow is the Eve of Pentecost:  May 19th, a Saturday. 


That "Time" is high time at GSAC in a couple of ways.


1st:  Your vestry meets at Noon tomorrow.  On their plate- in addition to all the usual financial and general business concerns of the parish- is a question of "VALUES":  what are the Values that GSAC cherishes most?  Our Sr. Warden, Bing Goodale, will lead the Vestry through an exercise of listening to one another as we respond to a series of probing "values" questions which Bing will bring to our meeting.  It is Time to listen with the leadership to where God the Holy Spirit might be pointing GSAC in the most important core values of our parish family.  (Pray for your Vestry.  And, remember:  this Noon, Saturday meeting is- as all Vestry meetings are- open to your 'auditing'.  Come and listen in.)


2nd:  The entire parish is invited to a Eve of Pentecost Prayer Vigil.   For those who can come to the Main Church, we will have the Votive Candle stand read for a vigil of prayer between 7 pm and Midnight.  I will provide handouts of both "prayers of the people" lists, and devotional guides to use  to listen to the Holy Spirit during the Vigil.  Our intention, whether praying at home or at the Main Church, is to lift a listening ear to the Lord and ask Him to speak His Will and direction to us.  Yes, we will also lift up our concerns and requests and praises!  Prayer is a two-way street, right?!

But, on the Eve of the Church's celebration of the outpouring of the Person and Power of the Holy Spirit, the Prayer of Quietness is crucial and valuable!  So:  Let us Listen in Prayer!


(B)  SINGING IN THE SPIRIT:  Sunday, 5/20 Pentecost, 3 pm in Main Church


GSAC had Hood County's only Pipe Organ.  We believe it is a great gift, fit to share with the whole community at large.


So:  on Sunday, May 20th, 3pm, GSAC will host Mr. Isaac Foreman as he presents "Music in the Spirit of Pentecost" on our Pipe Organ.  The recital will include three Hymns which will be sung by us all!  Truly, an "interactive" concert.  It is a great joy to have Isaac (a 19 yr. old phenom!) back again with us.  If you've never heard a Pipe Organ, don't miss this chance!


We have invited the entire community, and especially the near area's church choir members, to this beautiful offering of worship.  You may even have seen an advertisement  in the Hood County News. (There will be a color ad in tomorrow's edition!)  I'm  hoping to have many of YOU, the members of our parish family, present to welcome and encourage the community to enjoy the concert, and to invite all of them across the parking lot to a reception in honor of Isaac.  Our ACW ladies will be doing the hosting for that reception.  Hope to see YOU there.  What a fitting end to the Day of Pentecost:  hearing and singing "in the Spirit of Pentecost" together.




On Tuesday, May 29th, GSAC will host Fr. Allan Kandeya, a priest from the Diocese of Northern Malawi (our partner diocese in Africa).  Fr. Allan will be at the 10 a.m. Mass and the Bible Study which follows the Mass in the parish hall.  After the Bible Study, we will go out to lunch somewhere in Fr. Allan a taste of rural Texas.


Fr. Allan is in the USA together with his Bishop, Fanuel Magangani, and another priest of the Diocese of Northern Malawi.  This trio will be visiting in a variety of parish and mission venues throughout the Diocese of Fr. Worth.  We are extremely grateful to the World Mission Committee for granting us this opportunity to host one of our distinguished guests from Malawi.


Since the weekday Masses are being celebrated in the Main Church, you are all heartily invited to come to the Tuesday, May 29th Mass at 10 a.m. to welcome our guest.  Especially if you have never experienced a week day Mass at GSAC, I exhort you to come on that day!  You will be glad you did.  And, you will have helped welcome a guest from Africa!   The Bible Study group is reading and discussing the Gospel According to John.  They heartily invite you to come and enjoy this informal Bible Study in the parish hall.  It begins at 11 a.m, after the Tues. Mass.




Here's "what's shakin' " at your friendly neighborhood Anglican parish for the months ahead....




5/20          SUNDAY MASS: 9:15 Mass;  Refreshments; Christian Formation class  "Help the Preacher; Read Ahead            5/21-5/25 Morning Prayer in the Chapel, 8:00 a.m.

5/21          SANDWICH MINISTRY; MONDAYS AT  5 PM in the parish hall

5/22          TUESDAY MORNING Mass in Main Church 10 a.m.  Bible Study-11 a.m.- parish hall

5/27          TRINITY  SUNDAY:   Regular Sunday Schedule

5/29          FR. ALLAN KANDEYA of Malawi WILL BE AT MASS & BIBLE STUDY   (10 A.M.- Noon)

6/02          “TELET”: “First Saturday” meeting:  11 a.m. in the parish hall

6/04          Prayer Shawl Ministry:  10 a.m. in the parish hall…with the Bible studiers

6/06          Anglican Church Women’s Meeting: 5:00 p.m.

6/13          Daughters of the King Meeting: 5:00 p.m.

6/24          CAMP CRUCIS Summer Camp Session Begins; Sr. High Camp…9th-12th Grades

7/8-7/13   “CONFETTI I” session of Camp Crucis:  1st-6th Grade

                           {Note:  Fr. Smith will be a Spiritual Director for this Camp session.}   




This comes with all my love and prayers....


Fr. Stuart Smith