Bishop Iker will be at Good Shepherd to Bless it on April 8th after services.  We do have room to add another cabinet     at a later date if needed.  We will be adding signs and plants in the future. Fred and Sue Rauschuber donated a temporary sign and David Hankins donated the Cross.  Thanks for their help!! 

 We will be adding more to it at a later date  ......    we are not finished!!

 We will be ready to stock it with canned goods or packaged box goods.  We have some on site but  if you would like  to bring more please do!  Foods will be used for the other Missions also.. so everything you bring will find a home!  


 Hopefully this will help our Parish Families and others in the Community!!  

 Prayers and attention to the shelves and stock will always be Welcomed!!

 Thank you Gary for the donation of building!! 


 Debra and Gary Cox

 Jim and Kathy Hanlon